Monday, 17 April 2017

Good Friday 

Today on the 14th of April 

Good Friday turns out to be worst Friday . I woke up in morning in my pjs then went and had breakfast . After breakfast I brushed my teeth and had a shower . Next I got changed into my clothes then brushed my hair . After bushing hair I my brother randomly asked me for a drink so I got it for him . Then he spilt it on the ground then 

my mum said to me to clean it up and that's when worst Friday started . I cleaned it up then left . I was going to go outside but I rembered that it was muddy . So I tired to get some rest insted . Then my sister started playing music so load that I was about blow . So I had an Idea I put headphones on but then but my sister plugged it into her iPad . so that's when I finally got some rest I took off the headphones and got some rest . Then I woke up and saw my brother with paint balls so I gave up . Then it was dinner . Because I slept I missed out on lunch . Then after dinner I had a shower and got back into my pjs . That was my story about worst Friday

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