Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Cave Art Animation

Hi my name is Madison and this is my cave art animation,
Long ago there were a family of mammoths that lived in a cave. The lived in peace until a war happened between the mammoths and the cave men. The adult mammoths tried to protect the baby mammoth. The adult mammoths killed some of the cave men but more cavemen came along. The mammoths fought for there lives until there were none left to fight. Luckily the mammoths lived to fight another day. 

Thanks for watching. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The unusual morning

This morning was not the best. Half of Room 6 was still tired that means that they wouldn’t be able to concentrate as much as the other half. So then Miss Sio said lets do something very unusual. What’s something unusual that you would do?

Miss Sio quietly said what about we take a look at the toilets. Some of Room 6 disagreed with the sugestion. But we still did it anyways. Then we lined up outside and started to walk. We walked around the school to the toilets next to the park. As soon as we got there, we stood outside the toilets and thought about what it would smell like, look like, and be like. Then we walked in and it smelt so bad, there where even undies in there.

When we came out we started talking about the toilets,
and walked back to class, we were disgusted.
For just some school the toilets were horrible.
Luckily I don’t go there anymore.

Friday, 26 October 2018

The Experiment

In the Morning Room, Six Literacy had an experiment, outside Room, 6, 7 and 8 out on the porsche. We made a balloon shuttle in groups of three, to see how fast our balloon would go.

In my team were Brooklyn and Shania. The first step was to get a chair and take it outside then, Mrs. Sio gave us a black packet. Inside the packet was a long thin piece of white string, a red balloon, a straw cute into a small piece, and we had a piece of tape. We also needed to time how long it would take for the balloon to reach the end. Brooklyn’s job was blowing up the balloon, Shania’s job was timing how long it would take for the balloon to reach the end, and my job was tying the string to the chair. The first step was to tie the string to the chair, the second step was to blow up the balloon. The third step was to put the string inside the straw, then when Brooklyn finished blowing up the balloon we made a big mistake. We tied the balloon to the string and couldn't get it off. So we had to cut the string to get the balloon off and we had to start all over again. The fourth step was to put tape on the balloon and straw to hold it together. 

Then last but not least let go of the balloon, but before you let go make sure you time it. Our time was 5.67 seconds, we-we're so happy it worked even though it didn’t work the first time. 

Friday, 19 October 2018


It was a sunny Sunday morning bright and early. I woke up and inhaled the fresh air. I had breakfast then went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, then I had a fresh 10-minute shower, then finally I got out and picked my outfit for the day then helped my brother and sister make breakfast and get their clothes. Then we were out the door,

every Sunday we walk up the Mount Wellington Mountain. But first, we needed to go Sylvia park and do our things, we-we're very busy during that part of the day. Then we took a quick stop at Wendy's desserts and ice creams, I got sherbet ice cream and so did my brother and sister. Once we finished our ice creams we got back in our car and, drove to the Mountain. It just took us 2 minutes to drive there. 

Once we got there we parked at the very bottom of the Moutain. Then we started to walk up it, it was very scary cause we had to stay on one side the mountain. There were also cars coming up it too, once we made it halfway, I saw Whaea Francis our Maori teacher. She was enjoying the day with her family, but then we carried on walking up. Then we finally made it to the top, we took some photos and looked around then started to walk back. As we walked down the mountain I was so scared that I held my mum's hand. But then I let go and started to walk by myself, I was still a bit scared but I was okay. Then when we got down halfway, Whaea Francis and her family were packing up and leaving. Then we kept walking, I was very hungry and so was my mum, brother, and sister. 

It was getting dark so we went to the night market and got some dinner and dessert, then we went home and slept.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Wonder Writing

In this picture there is two people, a man and a lady, they are a very happy couple. But they are not a real couple they are just made out of cardboard.

So I think the creator must have got cardboard, then painted it dark black and then cut out two happy ople, then took them outside and made them stand up holding hands, they are also standing on concrete then took a photo on the ground. They are also very tiny and small just like ants.


There are small rain drops and thin long sticks everywhere. The background is also blurred out, in the background I can see dirt and stones everywhere, my favourite part is that it is blurred out.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Lake Taupo

Today me and my family went to the biggest lake in New Zealand🇳🇿. I even touched the water and saw ducks and swans.

We Went To The Snow / Whakapapa Snow Mountain

On Saturday the 21st of July, me and my family of five went to the Whakapapa snow mountain. This mountain has more than 1000 people visit each day. This was a great experience for me and my family. It was lots of fun, my favourite part was going sledding.

Here are lots a photos I took.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018


So I got putty from a two dollar store in G.I. It is so fun to play with so yeah. The putty also came with a  little purple light as well. When you turn the light on and shine it on the Putty, it turns purple for a while.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Horror Story

Once upon a time every day except the weekends, a girl called Mia would always go to school. When she would get to school she would always help Joseph the cleaner pick up rubbish, That other people left behind. Next, she’d go to class to put her bag on a chair. Then she’d get given a book from her teacher to read, her teacher’s name was Mr. Moran. Mr. Moran was known to have huge muscles, but Mia was not interested in how huge her teacher's muscles where. Today Mr. Moran gave Mia a book called Scream it was a horror. 

Mia started reading the book “after a few sentences” she started to daydream about herself in the creepy sewers while screaming it was pitch black. Then out of nowhere lights turned on Mia stopped screaming she took a few steps forward then stopped with a scared look on her face, it the worst thing she had ever felt in her life. 

Then Mia woke up from her daydream she was scared. Mia hated the book she quickly ran to her teacher and told him everything, Mr. Moran thought she was crazy, or something at least. Mia asked her teacher if she could go home, Mr. Moran said yes. Mia went to the office and signed out of school, then she started to walk home. Mia got hungry so she opened 

her bag and took out her lunchbox and ate all of her lunch. Then Mia went to go put her lunch box in her bag and then she spotted the book scream again. That day she took the book home and read a chapter in her book again. Then Mia started to daydream again she was in the same creepy sewers but she saw somebody standing at the end of the sewers it was her teacher he was like a statue. While Mia was daydreaming she was also still reading the book. 

One hour later” Mia stopped daydreaming and she also finished the book. Mia was so happy, Mia got the book and threw it out her window with excitement, then she took a nap in the end.

Xtreme Ten Pin Bowling, Botany

Today me my mum, my siblings, my mum's friend, and my mum's friend's kid, went to the Xtreme Ten Pin Bowling at Botany. When we all walked into the bowling place, we were all so excited. There were millions of people I think, I didn't really count. There were so many arcade games there. Anyway as we were walking up to the counter to pay for a game of bowling, there was a massive line waiting to play bowling. So we went up to the counter and asked if we could still play bowling they person at the counter said, sorry we are booked out till after, five o'clock. We were so disappointed, but there were also heaps of games so we just did that instead. I also played on a claw machine and won two prizes.


Sunday, 17 June 2018


Today me and my family, well not my whole entire family just me my sister, mum, and nana. So we went shopping at the Warehouse and Kmart. We were supposed to but things for winter witch we did but then, when we went to Kmart I ended up getting slime or putty what ever it is. I enjoy playing with slime or putty because it helps me concentrate but then most the time I get distracted, but anyways that’s what I did on Sunday.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Buddy Reading With Room 26

This year Room 8 and Room 26 did buddy reading. I was buddy reading with Prodeus my brother. We read baby bear goes fishing. My favourite part about buddy reading was picking my buddy.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Time Problem Solving

Walt: Work as a group to solve a maths problem.
Walt: Explain what we did to solve the problem and what the story is telling us
Task Description - This week we have been learning about time. We had to complete the problem solving task all about time.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Keynote Shape Art

Task Description: This week we used Keynote, and the shape tool to show images that represent me.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Respect Animation Term 1

Hi my name is Madison. My animation is about picking up rubbish and being respectful. It is important to keep our environment clean and heathy because you can get sick if you live in an unhealthy environment. 

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Problem Solving

Walt: to use a range of different strategies to estimate length
Walt: to be able to use a ruler to correctly identify measurement

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

My Number This Week Is 278

Walt: to use a range of different strategies to estimate length
Walt: to be able to use a ruler to correctly identify measurement
Task Description : This week my number is 278. I had to show this in a number of diffrent ways. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday, 12 March 2018

My number this week is 199

Walt: to use a range of different strategies to solve money number problems Task Description: This week my number is 156. I had to show this in a number of diffrent ways. 

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Egg and spoon relay

Have you ever done a egg and spoon relay? Well after the roll Room 6 and I went to the school field. But we had know idea what we were doing. Anyways it was kind of obvious because Miss Szymanik was holding eggs and spoons. I knew that we we’re going to do a egg relay. Then Miss Szymanik told us that it was for writing.

When we got to the field Miss Szymanik explained the rules, the rules we’re no cheating and if you drop the egg you have to start from the begging  then she put us into teams. Then secondly the game was starting, I was very lucky to be going first in my team. But it was just a practice. Then next the real game started I was so excited. After a few more rounds Miss Szymanik told us the winner team, I was so unhappy because my team lost.

I enjoyed the egg and spoon race because it was fun to get outside and do something different for a change. I was happy my team worked hard.


WALT: Use what we already know ry.Discussion Doc
Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Work on this Doc together with a buddy, or in a group of 3.

When do you think this story takes place? I.e. If in the future, how many years into the future? I think this story takes place in 2030 in the furture

Is this the first time Āreta and Trish have taken the boat out fishing. Yes/ No

How do you know? Because Areta and Trish always take there boat past the familia signpost.

What do you think the author means by regular people when he says “...back when regular people
could still get petrol.”? Back in the day there was petrol cars houses and towers. But now the people are just polluting and being lazy.  

In this story, what exactly does the Forest refer to?
  • In the story the forest is in the water filled with lots of tubines

Where is this story set what do you think?
  • The sky tower.
What are the clues that tell you this?

Why is Grandma Trish so excited to find a Kahawai again. What has happened to them?
  • The water was polluted and all the kahawai either died or swam away. But Trish and Areta found a kahawai.
Explain why you think this.
I think this because in the pictures there was a lot of rubbish and random things in the water.

Why do Trish and Āreta let the Kahawai go back into the water? They set the kahawai free so it can create more.

A Polluted Future

WALT: Use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Monday, 19 February 2018

This week my number is 156

Walt: to use a range of different strategies to solve problems
Task Description: This week my number is 156. I had to show this in a number of diffrent ways. 

Thursday, 8 February 2018

My number of the week is 67

Walt: to use a range of different strategies to solve problems
Task description: This week my number was 67! I had to show this in a number of different ways.

All About Me!

Talofa lava my name is Madison I am 10 years old. I have a family of 4 my Mum, Brother, Sister, and me! My Mum’s name is Caroline, my Brother’s name is Prodeus and my Sister’s name is Naomi. I go to Pt England school and I am in Room 6. I am a year six and My teacher’s are Miss Szymanik, Miss Parrent and Mr Goodwin.

My favourite school topics are sport, maths, netball and vollyball. My favourite colour is gold because gold is very shiny. My favourite movie is the Maze Runner and my favourite actor is Thomas but his real name is Dylan. My favourite food is butter chicken, pizza and waffles! I also live in Glen innes Auckland New Zealand.

I really like animals and taking photos so I want to be a photographer and a veterinarian. my favourite dog is an German Sheperd. If I got a dog it’s name would be Luke. In the weekend I like to play on my hoverboard and scooter. My goal is to be better at swimming and kayaking.Thank you for visiting my blog and following my learning journey. Please feel free to leave a positive and kind comment.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Learning to tell the time

WALT: to be able to write the time in word form and number form.
WALT: explain my day using time

Task description :  For this task we learnt how to tell time. We also learnt how long we are awake and asleep for. We learnt the digital, analog, and Written form of telling the time. We had the chance to attempt the bronze, silver, and gold challenges.

Friday, 2 February 2018

My First Blog Post At School!

This year I am in Room 6, 7, and 8 AGAIN! But this year I have different teachers and they are Miss Szymanik, and Miss Parrant. I have Miss Szymanik for literacy and Miss Parrant for maths. 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

My Favourite Memories From 2017

My Favourite Memories From 2017

My most favourite memorie from 2017 is going to Australia for the first time.

I picked Australia because we went to lots of places like Werribee zoo and Melbourne Zoo. But my favourite place was this HUGE WATER PARK! There were also other rides that did not include water. 
Image result for melbourne

Saturday, 20 January 2018



How to make the slime. get a bowl,mixing tool, food colouring, borax, glue and cup of water. First put your glue inside of a bowl then add in your food colouring. Mix your glue and food colouring together. Step two put a tea spoon of borax into your cup of water. Then add your borax and water into your glue bit by bit. Then you would hopefully have have slime.