Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Cave Art Animation

Hi my name is Madison and this is my cave art animation,
Long ago there were a family of mammoths that lived in a cave. The lived in peace until a war happened between the mammoths and the cave men. The adult mammoths tried to protect the baby mammoth. The adult mammoths killed some of the cave men but more cavemen came along. The mammoths fought for there lives until there were none left to fight. Luckily the mammoths lived to fight another day. 

Thanks for watching. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The unusual morning

This morning was not the best. Half of Room 6 was still tired that means that they wouldn’t be able to concentrate as much as the other half. So then Miss Sio said lets do something very unusual. What’s something unusual that you would do?

Miss Sio quietly said what about we take a look at the toilets. Some of Room 6 disagreed with the sugestion. But we still did it anyways. Then we lined up outside and started to walk. We walked around the school to the toilets next to the park. As soon as we got there, we stood outside the toilets and thought about what it would smell like, look like, and be like. Then we walked in and it smelt so bad, there where even undies in there.

When we came out we started talking about the toilets,
and walked back to class, we were disgusted.
For just some school the toilets were horrible.
Luckily I don’t go there anymore.

Friday, 26 October 2018

The Experiment

In the Morning Room, Six Literacy had an experiment, outside Room, 6, 7 and 8 out on the porsche. We made a balloon shuttle in groups of three, to see how fast our balloon would go.

In my team were Brooklyn and Shania. The first step was to get a chair and take it outside then, Mrs. Sio gave us a black packet. Inside the packet was a long thin piece of white string, a red balloon, a straw cute into a small piece, and we had a piece of tape. We also needed to time how long it would take for the balloon to reach the end. Brooklyn’s job was blowing up the balloon, Shania’s job was timing how long it would take for the balloon to reach the end, and my job was tying the string to the chair. The first step was to tie the string to the chair, the second step was to blow up the balloon. The third step was to put the string inside the straw, then when Brooklyn finished blowing up the balloon we made a big mistake. We tied the balloon to the string and couldn't get it off. So we had to cut the string to get the balloon off and we had to start all over again. The fourth step was to put tape on the balloon and straw to hold it together. 

Then last but not least let go of the balloon, but before you let go make sure you time it. Our time was 5.67 seconds, we-we're so happy it worked even though it didn’t work the first time. 

Friday, 19 October 2018


It was a sunny Sunday morning bright and early. I woke up and inhaled the fresh air. I had breakfast then went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, then I had a fresh 10-minute shower, then finally I got out and picked my outfit for the day then helped my brother and sister make breakfast and get their clothes. Then we were out the door,

every Sunday we walk up the Mount Wellington Mountain. But first, we needed to go Sylvia park and do our things, we-we're very busy during that part of the day. Then we took a quick stop at Wendy's desserts and ice creams, I got sherbet ice cream and so did my brother and sister. Once we finished our ice creams we got back in our car and, drove to the Mountain. It just took us 2 minutes to drive there. 

Once we got there we parked at the very bottom of the Moutain. Then we started to walk up it, it was very scary cause we had to stay on one side the mountain. There were also cars coming up it too, once we made it halfway, I saw Whaea Francis our Maori teacher. She was enjoying the day with her family, but then we carried on walking up. Then we finally made it to the top, we took some photos and looked around then started to walk back. As we walked down the mountain I was so scared that I held my mum's hand. But then I let go and started to walk by myself, I was still a bit scared but I was okay. Then when we got down halfway, Whaea Francis and her family were packing up and leaving. Then we kept walking, I was very hungry and so was my mum, brother, and sister. 

It was getting dark so we went to the night market and got some dinner and dessert, then we went home and slept.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Wonder Writing

In this picture there is two people, a man and a lady, they are a very happy couple. But they are not a real couple they are just made out of cardboard.

So I think the creator must have got cardboard, then painted it dark black and then cut out two happy ople, then took them outside and made them stand up holding hands, they are also standing on concrete then took a photo on the ground. They are also very tiny and small just like ants.


There are small rain drops and thin long sticks everywhere. The background is also blurred out, in the background I can see dirt and stones everywhere, my favourite part is that it is blurred out.