Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Holiday Blogging

Rangitoto Information

Rangitoto is the yougest volcano and the largest in New Zealand. Rangitoto  emerged 600 years ago. Rangitoto is also pest free also you can find lots of other insects on Rangitoto.  Rangitoto is 5.5 km wide It is widely Visible. Why don’t you go see for your self take a tour around takes photos. But before you go no dogs aloud.

Karekare Information
Karekare beach is a beautiful black sand beach in New Zealand. Karekare is located on Aucklands West coast. It is a 50 min drive from Town to Karekare. If you are a swimmer make sure to only swim between the flags. If you want there is alzo a water to go too it looks so amazing.
Tane mahuta
Tane mahuta is a tree it also the biggest tree in New Zealand. Tane mahuta is located  Waipoua Kauri Forest. It is named in moari.Tāne Mahuta is between 1,250 and 2,500 years old. Tāne Mahuta is a Māori name which translates to “Lord of the Forest.


  1. Hi Madison,

    Welcome to Day #2 of the Winter Learning Journey programme. It's great to see that you've ventured out of Auckland and explored three natural wonders in New Zealand. Each of them is quite different and quite unique. Of the three places, do you have a favourite?

    I think that my favourite place would be Karekare beach. I absolutely love to swim and to go for long walks on the beach. What about you?

    I'm looking forward to reading your reply.

    Rachel :)

    1. Thank you Rachel it is lovely to hear from you again. I really want to go to Karekare beach we I grow up it will be fun.
      From madison

    2. Hi Madison,

      It's so nice to hear from you! I really think that you will love Karekare beach. It's a pretty magical place!


  2. Well done Madison! It looks like you have done some great research and have learnt a lot about different parts of New Zealand. I have walked up Rangitoto island a few times and I can see it from my house! It's amazing because it's covered in volcanic rock.
    Karekare beach sounds like a beautiful place. Have you been to a black sand beach before?

    1. yes miss scanlan I have before and thank you

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  4. Hi Madison ,
    Well done Madison ! on your WLJ work Reading your work is amazing because you have did some awesome amazing research about Rangitoto Island , Karekare Beach and Tane mahuta a Tree i love to exporler new place's like the places you have talked about .

    Have you been to one of the Places ?????
    I can wait for more WLJ you Post
    Keep up the hard work keep going :)

    Your Friend : Lillyana