Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Ancient Olympics

The first Ancient Olympics games took place about 3000 year’s ago in
Olympia Greece.The games where held to honour Zeus the king of the gods and they happend every for year’s.In the beging the games where just short running races for Greek men to keep fit for war.There was only one winner and the winner got a cown olive leaves.Over time other events where added like horse raceing and boxing.After 1000 year’s the Ancient Olympics where band the Ancient Olympics where always remberd for hope and peace.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery was in the big Pt England hall. In the Art Gallery it was full of other people’s art from other class’s and there were also light’s.

My favouite part about the art gallery  the house because it had lot’s of detail. They had a teedy bear siting on a blue chair and there where some leave’s as well.

When I saw my art on the wall I felt shy because thats my frist time thats someone has seen my work on a wall.

File_007.jpeg File_000.jpeg

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Sky Tower

The Auckland Sky Tower is in New Zealand on the  North island. Near Hobson
street it also is in the middle of Auckland city and close to the Harbour Bridge.

The Sky Tower look’s like a icecream and taller then the other buildings.
Also like a shark fin and  sharp sword all the way at the top.

You can also go to dease 2 restaurant called Fortuena and Andys Bar.You can also jump off the Sky Tower.

The Auckland city Sky Tower has glowing lights for spechll  resons. There are
lot’s of colours for dose spechll resons my favaourt is christmas the christmas colours are red and green.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Te Tuhi

Today  on Monday  room 13 and I went on a  trip to a special Art gallery called Te Tuhi it Has stayed standing for 40 year's .We  also had meet a guy that work's there . His name is called  Jeremy. He was very cool and funny. He taught us a very cool game you have to have a paper and a partner a blindfold, and try to draw your  your friend we. Also drew a dream house .We had to to be in front of a blue paper then we had to cut out shapes and make a house then we had to glue it on and draw inside  our house then where