Friday, 1 July 2016

Te Tuhi

Today  on Monday  room 13 and I went on a  trip to a special Art gallery called Te Tuhi it Has stayed standing for 40 year's .We  also had meet a guy that work's there . His name is called  Jeremy. He was very cool and funny. He taught us a very cool game you have to have a paper and a partner a blindfold, and try to draw your  your friend we. Also drew a dream house .We had to to be in front of a blue paper then we had to cut out shapes and make a house then we had to glue it on and draw inside  our house then where

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  1. Hi Madison I love how you used a capital letter for Jeremy you remembered great. Next tim don't use 2 words next to each other but keep trying your best. Your picture is just amazing out of the other ones it's fantastic . From your best friend Paige.