Saturday, 30 September 2017

Baby Mona

Task description - Today for baby Mona I really wanted to make this presentation. God bless the baby and its family.Here is a video about it Here.Make sure that you show support to the baby and the baby family.Paige is also in this video.

God bless you and your family as well as baby Mona and its family.Also bless everyone that was at baby Mona's funeral and bless everyone in the Mangere cemetery I hope you enjoy if you did please leave a positive comment ( if you like it ) and leave support for baby Mona!


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Emoji Challenge By MadisonE DelijahB And PaigeS

Task Description: This is a Emoji Challenge about emoji's. So this is made with Deliljahs Blog & Paiges Blog here is a link to there blogs. So you can check that out too.

Two Things That Are Important To Us In The Whole Wide World

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Last of school

Friday, 15 September 2017


On the 14th of September Team 4 went to the Auckland Stardome in One Tree Hill. There were 6 groups, group 1, group 2, group 3, group 4, group 5, and finally my group, group 6. We travled by bus to the Stardome it was kinda noisy on the bus but it was still fun.

When we got there we were to early so we played on the park. We only had 10 minutes witch was not very long. My group was sitting up so nicely we were first on the park. I sprinted all the way to the tyres. I was first on with a few other people.

Then our 10 minutes were up I ran back to the front of the Stardome and sat up with a big smile on my face puffing loudly. Then our group was first in the Stardome. We got to have a good look at everything before going into a room to learn more about the planets. Finally she called us in we came and sat down on chairs. I learnt that because where just in the middle of the sun and cold planets that is just like goldilocks and the three bears. Then we got given only one ipad for each team. We used the ipads for a quiz. There were 7 questions my team got 6 right.

Then when we were finished with the quiz We finally went into the Stardome and learnt more about planets. Then we watched a awesome movie at the end.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Cross Country

On a bright sunny Friday the 1st of September Pt England School had a Cross Country Fun Run.  The Cross Country was on the school field.   There was a sausage sizzle for two dollars next to the staff room. The sauasage sizzle was on from morning tea to 1.00pm.

When the yr 1s race started I watched my Brother run. Then I watched my sister run. Then suddenly they were handing out   unbrellas because the sun was to hot. Finally the yr 5s race started. I was not ready to run I had butterflys in my tummy.

Then off we ran. I was nervous because I knew my asthma will get to me. So I jogged but it came to mud so deep we were sinking into the ground. I started walking because my asthma was coming slowly then when we got to the end I was not really proud of myself and I don’t know why? The funny thing was I came 24th my brother came 4th and my sister came 4th.