Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Thank You Rachel Willliams

Walt: Thank you Rachel Williams.


  1. Kia ora Madison,

    I am so touched by your kind words. You have made me feel so special and so happy. Thank you!

    I really enjoy running the blogging programme. It gives me the chance to learn new things and to swap ideas and stories with awesome students, just like you and Lillyana and Leilani. You guys are true gems. God bless you.

    Your sincerely,


    1. Thanks I really enjoy blogging with you.

      From Madison :)

    2. Thanks, that means a lot :)


  2. Hi Madison,

    I hope that you are well! I am just working on the Summer Learning Journey programme website for this year and I am hoping to include some quotes from students who have participated in the past. You wrote some awesome blogs that I would love to include on the website. I would just include a short part of the blog and put your first name underneath it so that you are given credit for the work. I would not share your last name or your school so that people wouldn’t know that it was you.

    Is that okay? If so, can you please write back and I will finish up the website. I’ll send you a link to the finished website when it’s ready.

    I can’t wait to blog with you again this summer!