Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Cool Manta hotel

The Manta Resot hotel is underwater in Africa right next to pemba island.It is not on pemba island it next to pemba island. 

Inside the room at night you can see fish because there is lights outside all
Around the underwater bedroom.In the daytime you can go for a little swim but if you go all the way under bedroom in the water you can see storg string and an anchor holding.The  hotel so it dose not float away in to the sea and sink into the water.

In the hotel you can sleep and at night and look at the fish go past and you can
go on the roof and liedown and look up to the stars.In the daytime you can go fishing or go swimming.  


  1. Hi Madison I liked your picture that you drawed its amazing. Next time do not use an capital in the middle of a sentence.

  2. hi Madison i love your photo it has so much detail.keek up the amzing work.

  3. hi madison I like you picture it is so cool you add heaps of detail keep up the good work.

  4. hi madison what a lovely photo you have.the picture you have drawn is wonderful.

  5. hey madison i love your story its cool.your picture you did.

  6. Hi madison i like that you Draw you,r wondeful picture and it so cool of it and it so very lovely