Thursday, 25 May 2017

Fractions Madison

Swimming Lessons At Glen Innes Pools

This term week one we started swimming at the Glen Innes pools . Every Monday and Thursdays we go swimming after morning tea and every Tuesdays and Wedensdays we swimming  straight after lunch time . Our instructors were Kat my instructor Jed and Jess . We did arm circles and freestyle .

We learnt about life jackets and how to put it on how we can tell if it’s big or small . We also learnt about our help passion . We have also have been talking about water safety .

We learnt arm circles  and freestyle . We also learnt  my favourite was floating on my back . My lest favourite is arm circles .

Next year when I go swimming I will make sure I that I keep listening to my instructor . Also I want be better at swimming .

Swimming lessons are fun but you have to listen to your instructors so you know what to do .

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Thursday, 11 May 2017


There is a place:
There is a girl over there
Their means belonging to them:
That house belongs to their family
They is they are:
I like my friends. They’re cool.

They went to visit their uncle
Please put your shoes over there
I like eggs when they’re scrambled
Their grandad is almost 100!
Have you been there yet?
Their looking for their  dog
Tomorrow they’re will be a big party
they’re going to Samoa for a holiday
they’re are no more milks left
What did you see over there ?
On Sunday, their family goes to church
Sam played with their new kitten
I went to Burger King and I liked they’re burgers

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Help !

Once upon a time me and 3 best friend’s were going on tour there names were Stacy  Luke and Jade . We went on tour with 26 people . We were travelling all around the world . Me and my best friend’s were in the vip room in the back of the plane . We were having so much fun . But Luke wasn't we asked why he didn't reply so we said sorry for what ever we did . He said it’s not your folt .

Luke said there is a storm coming our way from the left . Stacy looked out her window and saw a humongous tornado Stacy screamed and got the pilots attention “Mayday Mayday” Stacy stopped screaming I said hold on the pilot tried to go faster but it was too late the storm already caught us we went round round round the plane broke in half people screamed died Stacy got upset when she saw everyone screaming and dieing  the plane crashed me and my friend’s made it out alive shiving . Jade was very angery  but we were very hurt . When we got on land we knew nobody else was alive . We were very scared but lucky to be alive . Then we turned around and saw a huge tsunami coming our way . So we stood still cause we knew we will die . But then something amazing happend a huge gorilla my friend Jade said run ! it’s Godzilla Stacy said "shhhhh" it’s not it a gorilla ok he saved us from the tsunami he picked us up . Then took us some where . We called that day the day mother Earth gave up .

Stacy and Jade had an idea to go on tour . They called it the Skull Island tour . Jade even made a dress out of leaves we thought we will never see Kong again but we did . He was not happy tho he looked angry like we woke something bigger than Kong we ran away . Then bumped in someone before Stacy could scream Luke quickly covered her mouth . The guy said “shhhhhhh” my name is James . James help us find metal so we can put back the plane together . It took months till we where finally finished it took 8 days to get to New Zealand . it  was fun going on tour with Kong we will never for get . Now we tell stores about Skull Island .

Friday, 5 May 2017

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Now Thats Thinking

Our whole schools theme for this tearm is Now That's Thinking . It means being creative and learning about technology . Technology are things that are made by any humuns like a block of chocolate and a table . These are too things that are not technology a tree and grass . Mr Burt showed us new things and old things and how new things are better then old things .

This tearm I we are going to be learning about technology moari and being creative. we are also learning to share our details and our information .

This tearm I want to learn about technology, Maori and things that aren't technology .

Thursday, 20 April 2017


When I'm bored 

When I have nothing to do

When I have no wifi 

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My Hoverboard

Meet my hoverboard

Today I'm letting to you meet my hoverboard she's fast slow and cool .

Meet Ally And Rosie

Meet Ally And Rosie

Ally and Rosie are my friends they tell us how much pocket money me and my sister have eared . Then are yellow what are they . They are elephants small not as tall but they are smart . Well not really but never mind .

Scroll down to meet Ally and Rosie .

 This is Ally

 This is Rosie

This is Ally and Rosie

Easter hunt 

Easter Hunt

2017 April 16th

This Easter we did a Easter egg hunt . There were different colours, different flavours, different kinds, and different sizes . My favourite has got to be the popping candy . My favourite part was eating the eggs . The worst part was the eggs were melting and we stood in prickles and it hurt . But the cool part was I got 46 eggs I got the most .

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Monday, 17 April 2017

Good Friday 

Today on the 14th of April 

Good Friday turns out to be worst Friday . I woke up in morning in my pjs then went and had breakfast . After breakfast I brushed my teeth and had a shower . Next I got changed into my clothes then brushed my hair . After bushing hair I my brother randomly asked me for a drink so I got it for him . Then he spilt it on the ground then 

my mum said to me to clean it up and that's when worst Friday started . I cleaned it up then left . I was going to go outside but I rembered that it was muddy . So I tired to get some rest insted . Then my sister started playing music so load that I was about blow . So I had an Idea I put headphones on but then but my sister plugged it into her iPad . so that's when I finally got some rest I took off the headphones and got some rest . Then I woke up and saw my brother with paint balls so I gave up . Then it was dinner . Because I slept I missed out on lunch . Then after dinner I had a shower and got back into my pjs . That was my story about worst Friday

Friday, 24 February 2017

Tally Chart

This is my tally chart about room 6's favourite ice-cream Hope you like it keep looking at my blog for more .

The Brand New Bike Track

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Water Polltion

Walt: make connections across multiple texts . Water polltion is bad I hope you liked it .

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Chubby Bunny Challenge

Have you ever wanted to do chubby bunny?

Today on the 10 of February 2017 my teacher Miss Scanlan asked two people to do the chubby bunny challenge . Then she got to more people to do it .

If you want to find out more keep reading .

On the 10th of February room 6 maths did the chubby bunny challenge . Miss Scanlan my maths teacher got two people to do the chubby bunny challenge but nobody won or lost . So she got two more people to do the chubby bunny challenge . Then finally someone won the challenge and lost .  The loser had to wear a bunny pink suit . It was so funny because it was a boy wearing the pink bunny suit . Later everyone had to write a recount . About the chubby bunny challenge . After writing our recount we had to do a middle . Then we had to copy and paste On bloggler . Then we had to post it on our blog! .