Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Kiwi Kapers Concert

Kiwi Kapers Concert

On the Wednesday 22nd of November.  Because the year 6s were at camp the year 5s went on a trip to the Kiwi Kapers Concert.
Some classes from Pt England school and other schools went to see the Kiwi Kapers too. The was Concert at the Aotea Centre.

There were different kinds of instruments but my favourite was the Cello because it was big and made a cool sound. There were was lots of other instruments. Like the Double bass, Wood wind, Strings, Trumpet, drums and more.

The music was very nice I was about to go to sleep. It was kind of weird because they went from high notes to low notes.

The thing I liked the most was we saw lots of cool things with hula-hoops and the acting.When we left I was very tired. The bus was very hot and I was bored. It was nearly home time.

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