Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Athletics Day

On Friday the 10th of November Pt England school had an athletics day on the school field. The year 5's and up did High jump, Sprints, Relays, Volleyball, Target Ball, Dodge-ball, Tug - o - War, Javelin, Soft ball throw, Discus, and Shot put.

My team leader was Mr Vogt. I was kinda annoyed because there was only one person in my team. Our first activity was Shot put Mr Wisemen was leading Shot put. But because I was late I only had one go. Then our second activity was Tug - o - war. That was my favourite because people helped us and Mr E was the leader. It was also funny because we bet the teachers.

Our third activity was High jump Ms King was the leader. I was excited because I like to jump high too but I didn’t come anything.

Our fourth activity was Sprints I was very nervous because I am not good at sprinting Mr Burt was the leader of Sprinting like always. But I didn’t come a place again. Then we did lots more activity's.

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