Thursday, 21 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey!


How would I feel having 7 or 9 brothers or sisters.

I wouldn't like having seven or nine brothers and sisters because it will be way too loud, and messy. I would probably have to share a room with people.

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  1. Hey there Madison, thanks for completing another activity. I really like the way you've presented this activity, it is so unique. I like how visual it is. You have shared valid points for why you wouldn't like to have nine siblings. I agree with you, it would be far too loud and messy all the time. I like to have my own quiet space and certainly wouldn't want to share a room with people.

    Do you have any brothers or sisters?


  2. Kia Ora Madison,

    I agree I wouldn’t like to have an 9 to 10 people house. Hello my name is Mya and I am from Glen Innes School. How many people in your house? Keep up the brilliant work. Merry Christmas and happy new year:)