Thursday, 7 September 2017

Cross Country

On a bright sunny Friday the 1st of September Pt England School had a Cross Country Fun Run.  The Cross Country was on the school field.   There was a sausage sizzle for two dollars next to the staff room. The sauasage sizzle was on from morning tea to 1.00pm.

When the yr 1s race started I watched my Brother run. Then I watched my sister run. Then suddenly they were handing out   unbrellas because the sun was to hot. Finally the yr 5s race started. I was not ready to run I had butterflys in my tummy.

Then off we ran. I was nervous because I knew my asthma will get to me. So I jogged but it came to mud so deep we were sinking into the ground. I started walking because my asthma was coming slowly then when we got to the end I was not really proud of myself and I don’t know why? The funny thing was I came 24th my brother came 4th and my sister came 4th.  

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