Friday, 26 August 2016

Cross Country

Last friday after lunch time it was cross country day evey school dose cross country.We had to get Changed In the boys and girls  toilets into our four house colours.Bule, red, green and Yellow then we had to go the hard court and sit down behind these chirs there was a paper saying year 1 boys and year 1 girls all the way to year 7 an 8 the biger kids.

When the race was about to start I felt very neveus
About cross country.My team colour was blue I did not for our team but at lest I still tryed my best at cross country I was a champion at trying my best.

In the middle of the all for  pictures there is me running.The rest of the pictures are of every one else.


  1. Wow, the cross country was awesome wasn't it? I am very proud of you for trying your best. Next time we will use more full stops to make our sentences a little bit shorter. That is a very cool action shot of you running!

  2. Hey Madison you have a amazing writing.