Monday, 7 November 2016


On Saterday in the weekend 5 of November it was Guyforks day . It was so much fun my mum took me and my sibling’s to her friends house for Guyfawkes . I met my mums friend she was so nice . I even met her younger sibling’s they where nice as well . I got to hold one of the small fireworks in the air it was small . I was only aload the small ones for my safty but it was fun anyways . My brother and sister were a little bit jealous because I got to hold one of the small fireworks . We also had a bonfire to keep us warm . We also used the bonfire for the sparklers so we didn’t need to keep using the lighter . Me and my family had so much fun on Guyfawkes day . That was the first time I had fun in November .

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