Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Help !

Once upon a time me and 3 best friend’s were going on tour there names were Stacy  Luke and Jade . We went on tour with 26 people . We were travelling all around the world . Me and my best friend’s were in the vip room in the back of the plane . We were having so much fun . But Luke wasn't we asked why he didn't reply so we said sorry for what ever we did . He said it’s not your folt .

Luke said there is a storm coming our way from the left . Stacy looked out her window and saw a humongous tornado Stacy screamed and got the pilots attention “Mayday Mayday” Stacy stopped screaming I said hold on the pilot tried to go faster but it was too late the storm already caught us we went round round round the plane broke in half people screamed died Stacy got upset when she saw everyone screaming and dieing  the plane crashed me and my friend’s made it out alive shiving . Jade was very angery  but we were very hurt . When we got on land we knew nobody else was alive . We were very scared but lucky to be alive . Then we turned around and saw a huge tsunami coming our way . So we stood still cause we knew we will die . But then something amazing happend a huge gorilla my friend Jade said run ! it’s Godzilla Stacy said "shhhhh" it’s not it a gorilla ok he saved us from the tsunami he picked us up . Then took us some where . We called that day the day mother Earth gave up .

Stacy and Jade had an idea to go on tour . They called it the Skull Island tour . Jade even made a dress out of leaves we thought we will never see Kong again but we did . He was not happy tho he looked angry like we woke something bigger than Kong we ran away . Then bumped in someone before Stacy could scream Luke quickly covered her mouth . The guy said “shhhhhhh” my name is James . James help us find metal so we can put back the plane together . It took months till we where finally finished it took 8 days to get to New Zealand . it  was fun going on tour with Kong we will never for get . Now we tell stores about Skull Island .


  1. This is an awesome story Madison! I love King Kong. I have something cool for you to try next time: when people are talking in your story, use speech marks. Like this: Once upon a time there was a boy named Dom. Dom fell in the mud and screamed "ahhh! I'm all dirty now!"