Thursday, 25 May 2017

Swimming Lessons At Glen Innes Pools

This term week one we started swimming at the Glen Innes pools . Every Monday and Thursdays we go swimming after morning tea and every Tuesdays and Wedensdays we swimming  straight after lunch time . Our instructors were Kat my instructor Jed and Jess . We did arm circles and freestyle .

We learnt about life jackets and how to put it on how we can tell if it’s big or small . We also learnt about our help passion . We have also have been talking about water safety .

We learnt arm circles  and freestyle . We also learnt  my favourite was floating on my back . My lest favourite is arm circles .

Next year when I go swimming I will make sure I that I keep listening to my instructor . Also I want be better at swimming .

Swimming lessons are fun but you have to listen to your instructors so you know what to do .

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  1. Very good Madison. You were very good at floating on your back! I agree, it is easier to learn swimming when you listen to the instructors! :)
    Please read your story out loud to yourself. You might find some parts in the first 3 paragraphs that don't quite make sense. Let me know if you can find them. From Miss Scanlan :)