Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Egg and spoon relay

Have you ever done a egg and spoon relay? Well after the roll Room 6 and I went to the school field. But we had know idea what we were doing. Anyways it was kind of obvious because Miss Szymanik was holding eggs and spoons. I knew that we we’re going to do a egg relay. Then Miss Szymanik told us that it was for writing.

When we got to the field Miss Szymanik explained the rules, the rules we’re no cheating and if you drop the egg you have to start from the begging  then she put us into teams. Then secondly the game was starting, I was very lucky to be going first in my team. But it was just a practice. Then next the real game started I was so excited. After a few more rounds Miss Szymanik told us the winner team, I was so unhappy because my team lost.

I enjoyed the egg and spoon race because it was fun to get outside and do something different for a change. I was happy my team worked hard.

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