Tuesday, 20 February 2018


WALT: Use what we already know ry.Discussion Doc
Walt: use what we already know to make meaning within a story.

Work on this Doc together with a buddy, or in a group of 3.

When do you think this story takes place? I.e. If in the future, how many years into the future? I think this story takes place in 2030 in the furture

Is this the first time Āreta and Trish have taken the boat out fishing. Yes/ No

How do you know? Because Areta and Trish always take there boat past the familia signpost.

What do you think the author means by regular people when he says “...back when regular people
could still get petrol.”? Back in the day there was petrol cars houses and towers. But now the people are just polluting and being lazy.  

In this story, what exactly does the Forest refer to?
  • In the story the forest is in the water filled with lots of tubines

Where is this story set what do you think?
  • The sky tower.
What are the clues that tell you this?

Why is Grandma Trish so excited to find a Kahawai again. What has happened to them?
  • The water was polluted and all the kahawai either died or swam away. But Trish and Areta found a kahawai.
Explain why you think this.
I think this because in the pictures there was a lot of rubbish and random things in the water.

Why do Trish and Āreta let the Kahawai go back into the water? They set the kahawai free so it can create more.

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