Monday, 9 July 2018

Horror Story

Once upon a time every day except the weekends, a girl called Mia would always go to school. When she would get to school she would always help Joseph the cleaner pick up rubbish, That other people left behind. Next, she’d go to class to put her bag on a chair. Then she’d get given a book from her teacher to read, her teacher’s name was Mr. Moran. Mr. Moran was known to have huge muscles, but Mia was not interested in how huge her teacher's muscles where. Today Mr. Moran gave Mia a book called Scream it was a horror. 

Mia started reading the book “after a few sentences” she started to daydream about herself in the creepy sewers while screaming it was pitch black. Then out of nowhere lights turned on Mia stopped screaming she took a few steps forward then stopped with a scared look on her face, it the worst thing she had ever felt in her life. 

Then Mia woke up from her daydream she was scared. Mia hated the book she quickly ran to her teacher and told him everything, Mr. Moran thought she was crazy, or something at least. Mia asked her teacher if she could go home, Mr. Moran said yes. Mia went to the office and signed out of school, then she started to walk home. Mia got hungry so she opened 

her bag and took out her lunchbox and ate all of her lunch. Then Mia went to go put her lunch box in her bag and then she spotted the book scream again. That day she took the book home and read a chapter in her book again. Then Mia started to daydream again she was in the same creepy sewers but she saw somebody standing at the end of the sewers it was her teacher he was like a statue. While Mia was daydreaming she was also still reading the book. 

One hour later” Mia stopped daydreaming and she also finished the book. Mia was so happy, Mia got the book and threw it out her window with excitement, then she took a nap in the end.

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